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Effortless tracking and photographing of celestial bodies without an equatorial

By making full use of its GPS module, Electronic Compass and SR mechanism, the K-1 simplifies the astronomical photography of celestial bodies, without the help for an equatorial. Based on the latitude data obtained from GPS satellites and other affecting factors (the camera’s direction and horizontal/vertical tilt) obtained by its various sensors, the K-1 calculates the movement of celestial bodies, then synchronizes the movement of its image sensor with that of celestial bodies with great precision. Since it captures stars without a streaking effect even during extended exposures, you can record faint stars, which are difficult to detect with the naked eye, as point images.

  • The user is advised to use a tripod to stabilize the camera.
  • The user is advised to read the operating manual thoroughly before shooting.
  • ASTROTRACER cannot be used with some shooting modes, such as interval shooting and interval composite shooting.


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